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ERO reports
ERO reports

Footprints has been visited and reviewed by Education Review Office, this is the first ERO_report for this service.

'Children and their families using the service enjoy positive, affirming relationships with the educator. Clear policies and procedures guide teaching practices and help ensure children are supported to learn and grow in all areas of their development.

'Teaching practices are in line with the service’s focus on valuing each child and building learning through high quality interactions. Each day the educator prepares an environment with resources and equipment designed to meet the specific interests and needs of each child attending on that day. The programmes support learning across the curriculum and promote children’s interests and abilities.'

'Other aspects of the service that support positive outcomes for children include:

  • clear routines and behaviour expectations that support the children’s sense of belonging and well-being; and
  • management systems and practices aimed at ensuring children are kept safe from harm while being able to explore and learn.'

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