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The education and care provided in this home based setting will be to a high standard,
ensuring that all children are treated as special and valued individuals.

Each child and their family/whānau will feel a sense of belonging and all of the child's learning
needs will be meet as they are able to discover, explore and develop.

All children and their family/whānau will be respected and ethical procedures will be put in place and used in practice. The different ethnic groups within the community will be respected and acknowledged.

Interactions with the children will be valued very highly. These will be positive interactions, allowing the children to grow and learn while learning right from wrong and the appropriate ways to act.

The children will be empowered to know that they are capable learners as they grow in their development and learning.

Children will be kept safe from harm while being able to explore and learn.

All children and their family/whānau are welcome to this setting.

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