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Positive Guidance Policy

Aim: To ensure that children receive positive guidance and encouragement.

Chidren are to be respected for who they are. Positive guidance is to be provided at all times while the children are receiving care
in the environment.

  • Positive guidance will be given through using positive teaching techniques and strategies, which are a important part of the foundation of this environment and the beliefs that are held.
  • Respecting and valuing each child for who they are
  • Respecting and valuing the families and whānau of the children
  • Giving each child my time, stopping to listen to the children
  • Learning and care to he held as important aspects of the day.
  • If a child needs redirection because of their behaviour, this will be done in an appropriate way.
  • Children will NOT be yelled at or told 'no' continually throughout the day.
  • The children will be nurtured and supported in their social development.
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