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Aim: To provide a programme based on the principles of Te Whāriki, the needs, interests and strengths of the individual child and the group attending that day.

The daily programme is based around the Core Curriculum and the developmental needs of each child. Daily activities available depending on the age of the children, ary, collage, books, music, te reo, dough, cultural awareness, blocks, science, role play and puzzles.

Each week will have a focus of investigation, where activities and experiences will be planned while being mindful of the children's different needs, interests, strengths, their dispositions and goals that they are working towards. 

Portfolios will be kept for each of the children enrolled at the service and are available to parents to view at anytime. These will include records of observations, learning achieved, samples of children's work and their dispositions. Portfolios will go home to the parents every three months for them to view and add their own stories and input.

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