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Why Footprints


Footprints focuses strongly on providing a quality service where the children receive one on one care and interaction with the educator, who works with the parents/whānau to identify areas where the child could develop more and encourages learning and development. The children are able to become familiar with the educator, and the home environment where they are placed, and to feel secure in their surroundings.

Children attending Footprints will be included into the family atmosphere and come to feel that they belong and have a place. Children and their families/whānau are valued and respected as individuals.

Current recent research completed by a number of different sources has found that young children attending large early childhood centres, get very stressed because of the number of people that they have to deal with throughout the day. Young children under the age of three end up having to form too many relationships at one time. Research also shows that this affects the child's brain development. Home based care settings offer children quality care through being able to give the children one on one attention and where the children are able to form relationships in groups of no more than 3-4 children.

Early childhood education is a valuable and important step in a child's life, which Footprints recognises and works to give the best quality care and teaching possible for each individual child.


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